Rich Hines

By: Rich Hines on March 30th, 2015

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6 Key Considerations That Can Impact Your Beef Operation

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Summit Livestock Facilities beef team put together a digital document loaded with thought-provoking information and ideas that address the question “Is feeding cattle indoors a good decision for my farm?”. 

Before investing in the design and construction of an indoor cattle feeding facility there are six key issues most producers take into consideration such as:

  • Capital required and ROI
  • Site of facility
  • Labor
  • Equipment
  • Cattle Sourcing
  • Regulatory Issues

Evaluating these and other issues help producers determine the best scale of operation facility type and interior configuration for optimum efficiency and cattle flow.

The “6 Key Considerations That Can Impact Your Beef Operation” gives you many ideas to explore as well as provides links to connect you to EQIP funding information and expert advice to help you answer the big question: “Is feeding cattle under roof really a good decision for my farm?”

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