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By: Rich Hines on January 5th, 2015

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Independent Financial Feasibility Analysis

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Summit Livestock Facilities and Moe Russell, co-founder of the Russell Consulting Group, have jointly announced an agreement between the two whereby Moe Russell will provide independent third party financial consulting services to the customers of Summit Livestock Facilities.

According to Miles Ridgway, President of Summit Livestock Facilities:

We care about our customers and the future success of their investments in one of our buildings. That's why we've engaged the services of Moe Russell of the Russell Consulting Group; to provide third party independent analysis of the decisions of our customers to build Summit Livestock Facilities monoslope beef barns. This new service gives our customers more peace of mind and can provide their lenders with additional assurance that the purchase of a Summit Livestock facility is a good business decision for their farm.

According to Moe

We have provided consulting services to the customers of Summit Livestock Facilities in the past. The new agreement provides a more formal introduction of our services and helps the farmer answer two questions: is the proposed investment in a building a good decision based on their unique circumstances and resources? And can they afford the investment?

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