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By: Rich Hines on August 4th, 2016

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New Designs for Your Best Value: The Summit 499-Head Beef Barns

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The Beef Specialists and Agricultural Engineers at Summit Livestock Facilities have been providing custom cattle housing solutions for protein producers throughout the Midwest for over a decade.

Now we’ve taken the proven attributes of all these successful finishing barns (and other projects) to create a new building design concept that incorporate the best design ideas: our new 499-Head Barns.

These include considerations for:

      Truck/Trailer egress for shipping & receiving

      Pen Size & Configuration


      Concrete Specifications

      Manure Storage Options

      Feed Bunk Size & Placement

      Drinker Size, Placement & Source

      Lighting Systems

One observation we made is that the cost of your new beef barn will be significantly impacted by the amount of concrete used in floors, columns, walls and manure storage. 

In order to maximize value of these designs, we have created three design options for the 499-Head barns:

  • Select (Good)
  • Choice (Better)
  • Prime (Best)

These three design options feature money-saving alternatives regarding the use of concrete and manure storage systems that comply with the environmental regulations and permitting requirements you may need to consider.

Find out more! Just click on the link below to access a building design brochure, an informative white-paper, a video interview with an experienced producer and your free copy of the three design options for both the 499-Head barns.New Call-to-action

This post is the fourth in a series of five on Facility Design for finishing cattle. Stay tuned for the last post listing design considerations that affect cattle flow and handling. If you missed the first blog on “Why Feed Cattle Indoors”, click here to check it out!



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