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By: Rich Hines on April 6th, 2013

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Priefert Ranch Equipment Chooses Summit

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We’re pleased to announce that Summit Livestock Facilities has been appointed an authorized dealer of the Priefert Ranch Equipment line of cattle equipment.

The quality lineup of Priefert equipment now available to Summit customers includes:

  • All Priefert squeeze chutes head gates and accessories
  • Three styles of Priefert sweep systems
  • A variety of proven coral system designs versatile enough for any size operation

In addition the Priefert products available through Summit Livestock Facilities includes:

  • Cattle panels
  • True-Test® scales
  • Loading chutes
  • Cattle feeders
  • Cattle water tanks
    Including both galvanized and Rubbermaid® brand water tanks in an assortment of shapes and sizes.

In addition, Summit can help you design and specify the best Priefert Bud Box Coral System that’s right for your Summit Livestock Facilities monoslope beef barn.

Developed by Bud Williams, Priefert Bud Box systems provide an ideal environment for your cattle handlers to take full advantage of those instinctive cattle behaviors used in the Bud Williams approach top stockmanship.

The Priefert line Bud Box line includes:

  • Bud Box Corral for 100 Head (BBCS-1)
    Designed to handle up to 100 head this system is comprised of three cattle pens a 36’ working alley an AI/Palp cage and a Model S04 Squeeze chute.
  • Bud Box Corral for 160 Head (BBCS-2)
    Designed to handle up to 160 head this system is comprised of five holding pens and two alley systems one for loading out and one leading to an S04.

For assistance in specifying the right Priefert products for your Summit Livestock Facilities monoslope beef barn contact us.


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