Our team focuses on taking the producer from ambiguity to clarity as early on as possible by applying knowledge and asking the right questions to solve problems before they become costly or impact the facility's performance.

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Project Feasibility

The first step of your project success is achieved in the Preconstruction Process. Our experience proves time and energy spent in Preconstruction saves 5%-10% in construction through collaborative design, well-coordinated construction, and reduced change orders. But more importantly, a successful preconstruction process effort ensures you are building the “Right Project,” not just building a project right.

Trust, confidentiality, and collaboration are vital in this phase. The “Right Project” is one that:

  • Fits the financial and schedule constraints with your vision and business objectives.
  • Balances production results, operating costs, biosecurity needs, and social pressures
  • Aligns with and supports your animal management philosophy and marketing needs
  • Takes advantage of past successes and challenges
  • Incorporates equipment preferences and automation expectations
  • Properly leverages site and manure management constraints

 All these factors are vital in discerning the “Right Project” and then developing a conceptual design to clearly illustrate it. We are committed to invest in your project and ensure the “Right Project” is taken forward to construction.

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Checkpoint: CAP-X Estimate

As we craft the “Right Project” and the conceptual design together, we’ll also be carefully estimating a realistic Cap-X project budget. This ensures the “Right Project” also aligns back against an acceptable ROI and fits within the overall financial constraints of your team.

The objective of the CAP-X is to ensure all scope is appropriately accounted for, the necessary funding for a successful project is in place and the team has confidence and peace of mind to move forward.

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Here we take the conceptual design and Cap-X Budget from Project Feasibility and carefully detail it out based on:

  • Site engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Equipment design
  • Modularity opportunities
  • Process details and controls
  • Biosecurity Protocols
  • Value engineering and constructability
  • Schedule and cost constraints

Through Design Development we prioritize investments together to ensure your production goals, management needs, and ROI are realized. The key objectives in this phase are to:

  • Clarify overall project objectives, scope and specifications
  • Clarify equipment scope, specifications and costs
  • Clarify subcontractors scope, specifications and cost
  • Drive out project inefficiency
  • Optimize project ROI

This step is vital to ensure the “Right Project” moves forward with clarity and confidence. This phase is a primary element to avoiding costly and unnecessary changes during construction. We are committed to invest our team heavily in this part of the process, and in turn, provide you with cost and performance predictability.

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Key stakeholders, suppliers, sub-contractors and project cost histories are engaged to develop thorough pricing. Informed allowances are included to account for scope ambiguities that have not been fully developed. This estimate is our guarantee of the most cost you will see on the project.

A guaranteed max price, cost plus and fixed contract price are explored and the optimum approach is agreed upon.

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Here we tighten up all scope and cost estimates for self-perform, subcontractor and supplier “buy – out”. Design, specifications and final buy-out is completed to ensure alignment with your production, management and ROI expectations. This final design effort and intensive buy-out is vital to ensure an efficient project and maximum savings back to you.

The “full project team” is formalized and integrated for a seamless transition to construction. The project scope, schedule, risk management, Buy – Out and final cost is completed. You, the customer, enjoys full transparency and project team accountability through this final design effort and into construction.

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Early assumptions and project goals are reviewed and affirmed. The Project team reviews project scope, schedule, risk management, and contract prices with all key subcontractors and trades.

Through transparency and collaboration, excessive contingency is cleaned up and costs are further driven down. A clear audit trail articulates cost deltas from the previous estimates and your contract price is finalized with confidence.

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Construction Execution

Taking your vision for the project and our efforts designing around your operational requirements and business needs, our operations team mobilizes and commences with bringing the well-laid project plans to a built reality.

Safe delivery of timely and cost effective projects with predictable results are critical at this phase of the work. The “Right Project” is one that delivers on the following:

  • Safe execution
  • Cost & Schedule clarity
  • Quality assurance & controls
  • Elimination of known & controllable Risks
  • Timely & Integrated Problem Solving when challenges arise
  • Alignment between Farm & Project team to ensure “No Surprises”

Demonstrating these integrated objectives, with consistency, throughout the construction execution phase allows us to demonstrate our value and validates that “we do what we say we’re going to do” to build the “Right Project”

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Checkpoint: PROJECT Hand-Over

Upon substantial completion of all construction, equipment installation and commissioning startup, our Project Team works with your team to conduct a thorough walk through for validation of quality and operational requirements. This includes the coordination of any vendor training prior to facility operations commencement. The entire Summit Team stands behind our work and ensures our commitment beyond construction completion and handover with robust warranties and guarantees of work.

Our objective is your team’s objectives. “Right Project” success is defined by your long-term operational success.

Meet the leaders

Together we can help you hone your goals, evaluate your obstacles and brainstorm comprehensive solutions. Our seamless turnkey process can take you from start to finish without ever losing sight of your ultimate goal: a quality, enduring structure that will protect your investment, increase production and improve profitability.


Bryan Steffen


Bryan is passionate about lean thinking, driving team efficiencies, and providing streamlined processes and systems that add value to our customers.


Sam Kaufman


Sam will be your first point of contact to drive projects from conception through to the construction hand-off.


Kyle Shatto

VP of Preconstruction Operations

Kyle is a licensed engineer, who drives the front-end design and engineering of our layer projects.


Sam Nesbitt

VP of Business Development

Sam has built major projects for Summit all over the Midwest, including some of the most significant and challenging egg facility projects we have built to date.


Nathan Misch

Director of Project Controls

Nathan brings clarity to projects, from estimating to design to project management as well as managing our Project Engineers.

Summit was a response to a growing need we saw and heard from our customers.

Ed Bahler

Summit CEO

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