Project Manager

The Project Manager (PM) role is responsible for properly organizing, coordinating, and managing Company resources throughout the project lifecycle. The PM role is accountable to ensure that project execution expectations regarding safety and quality performance, scope, schedule, and cost guidelines are met or exceeded.

The PM provides direction and oversight for the project through the execution phase with a specific focus towards safety, quality, procurement, cost mgmt., schedule mgmt., work performance, and overall progress against the plan while mitigating risk to the Company and our Customer.

The PM role is one of leader, coach, negotiator, and arbitrator. The PM shall develop execution and communication processes that allow for close collaboration with all project stakeholders (internal & external) to ensure an integrated and complete scope of work among the subcontractor disciplines.

The PM will implement standard operating processes and practical field management tools that the project team shall utilize throughout the construction phase to enhance operational effectiveness, subcontractor productivity, and margin performance. Additionally, the PM will provide timely coaching and mentoring to the project team to ensure their personal growth, development, retention, and a healthy team environment.

Expectations & Objectives:

1. Safety Leadership:

  1. Coach and demonstrate “safety as a value.”
  2. Drive safety planning, set expectations, and manage project team performance through jobsite observations.
  3. Lead by example and coach through routine field process and procedure training.

2. Quality Leadership:

  1. Coach and train “quality as a value.”
  2. Drive quality planning and performance management of the project team through jobsite observations and corrective actions to eliminate rework.
  3. Drive the implementation of consistent project Site Observation Reporting to ensure that Summit’s quality expectations are met.

3. Schedule Leadership:

  1. Drive schedule performance to meet or beat the milestone finish dates.
  2. Demonstrate schedule leadership by driving the weekly measurement of plan vs. actual performance within Smart PM.
  3. Coach the project team in “developing a balanced approach” in their decision-making to ensure balanced decisions are made for both subcontractor productivity and overall schedule performance.\

4. Collaboration Leadership:

  1. Collaborate with the Preconstruction team and Operations staff at each project lifecycle phase to identify opportunities to drive improved productivity, project execution, and margin performance.
  2. Demonstrate timely problem solving and the ability to mitigate risk by implementing strategies in alignment with each stakeholder’s (Owner, Summit, Subs, FBi) goals & objectives.

5. Lessons Learned Leadership:

  1. Drive the lessons learned process to ensure key learnings are understood, documented, and shared.
  2. Drive the dissemination and ideas from preceding projects, current projects to future projects. 


Essential Functions / Major Responsibilities:

  • Create an environment of trust and respect within the project team, by establishing and promoting an atmosphere of professionalism, collaboration, and synergy among all stakeholders.
  • Focus on keeping the internal and external customers well-informed of critical matters to prevent surprises.
  • Collaborate with design professionals, clients, subcontractors, and field personnel to address and resolve complex construction coordination issues.
  • Collaborate with Preconstruction to define the overall project scope, support the review of drawings for constructability, identify issues and concerns for resolution prior to the construction start.
  • Lead the collaborative effort between field management and the workforce by demonstrating the commitment to align the Company’s incident and injury-free goals with the Project’s construction tasks and activities.
  • Collaborate with the Project Superintendent to drive project safety performance and to ensure no incidents or injuries occur.
  • Collaborate with the Project Superintendent to drive project quality performance through quality planning, site observation reporting (punch list), and QA/QC testing to ensure we hand over a quality product to our customer.
  • Perform early risk identification, mitigation, and timely action to properly address any discrepancies in safety, quality, scope, schedule, and cost.
  • Interact with client personnel and lead the effort in coordinating project goals & objectives.
  • Lead the prime contract/subcontract process, including document preparation and effective management to the associated terms & conditions, including identifying and addressing all contract administrative and performance execution issues with a sense of urgency.
  • Identify and address potential issues in advance and utilize technical problem solving to avoid execution impacts to the project.
  • Lead, organize, and administer the procurement process to ensure a timely and well-understood handoff to our subcontract partners.
  • Lead the project team through the subcontractor bid process and bid package preparation, including the development of specific scope of work for each discipline, comprehensive bid packages, and comparative bid summaries to support recommendations for subcontract awards.
  • Establish a "firm but fair" approach to building relationships with subcontractors and vendors with the goal of being the preferred partner in the livestock industry.
  • Lead the project through the change management process, including the documentation and justification for all changes to ensure that the “baseline” scope/schedule/cost is respected.
  • Rigorously manage the change process to ensure that all changes are properly documented and resolved, including all cost, no-cost and back charge events.
  • Diligently manage the project general conditions / indirect costs and ensure associated costs are recovered for all change events.
  • Collaborate with the Finance Organization to meet the deliverables of the monthly financial calendar.
  • Perform monthly WIP activities, including necessary cost forecasting and estimating to support accurate project percent complete projections.
  • Rigorously manage Accounts Receivable to ensure positive cash flow and to maintain a fiscally responsible position for the Company.
  • Rigorously manage Accounts Payable to ensure subcontractors/vendors are submitting timely payment requisitions in alignment with the physical percent complete to prevent overpayment.
  • Produce a thorough and accurate Baseline Schedule in SmartPM to accurately measure progress against plan through weekly schedule updates.
  • Lead the project team to focus on critical path matters and sequencing plans to prevent non-excusable delays, including taking decisive contractual action with those impacting the critical path.
  • Track events, impacts, and changes in the schedule to allow for the management and prevention of delays to the critical path and customer milestones.
  • Establish standing internal/external project team meetings managed by agenda, minutes, and actions which provide for effective communication and problem-solving.
  • Produce weekly Project Status Reports to support leading and facilitating the weekly project review/coordination meetings.
  • Produce monthly internal/external reports to illustrate project performance vs. plan: safety, quality, cost, schedule, and risks.
  • Establish an effective closeout plan early in the project which includes the collection, review, and packaging of all contract closeout documents to not delay the physical and financial close of the project.
  • Lead the project team through standard operating closeout procedures to organize and manage the completion of the work.


Role Qualifications & Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in applicable discipline and a minimum of 7-10 years of demonstrated experience in Construction as a Project Manager.
  • Problem Solving Skill: ability to demonstrate problem-solving aptitude.
  • Interpersonal Skill: the ability to work with project stakeholders (internal & external) and field teams to ensure smooth work operations. Excellent written and oral communication skills, preferable to have conversation skills in Spanish.
  • Task Management Skill: ability to be flexible and able to work well in a fast-paced environment, including high competency in handling simultaneously occurring tasks.
  • Time Management Skill: Able to achieve operational objectives within set deadlines. 

Necessary Attributes:

Must possess Summit/FBi Buildings Core Values:

  • Do Right – Guiding Values for the individual, team, and corporate relationships.
    • Do what’s right; be honest and fair.
    • Do your best
    • Treat others with integrity and respect
  • On-Time – Operating practices for teamwork and customer service.
    • Communicate openly and effectively.
    • Develop clear expectations.
    • Honor every promise.
  • With Excellence – Enduring resolutions for reaching our potential.
    • Respond to customers’ needs.
    • Continuously improve value.
    • Perform safely.
  • Excellent business judgment and acumen demonstrated by consistently achieving profitability objectives and strong project close-outs with client and subcontractor relationships in good standing.
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail to effectively prosecute subcontracts, evidenced by a strong command of all applicable contract and legal provisions.
  • Ability to consistently analyze and execute financial trade-offs which frequently involve dealing with incomplete data and ambiguity.
  • Ability to constantly multi-task and handle competing priorities between Summit business needs, organizational issues, subcontractor issues, and sound customer relations.
  • Possess judgment to know when to appropriately escalate issues up the chain of command with a strong sense of urgency and initiative. Able to quickly study and react to complex issues.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to confidently and decisively take action.
  • Team leader with excellent diplomatic and communication skills, able to handle and resolve conflicts effectively in a firm but fair manner with all parties.
  • Physical Requirements and Work Environment:
    • While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to stand, sit or walk for long periods of time; talk or listen; perform fine motor, hand, and finger skills in the use of a keyboard, telephone, or writing.
    • The employee is frequently required to stand; walk; and reach with arms and/or hands.
    • Specific vision abilities include close vision, distance vision, depth perception, and the ability to adjust focus.
    • The employee will spend their time on the physical jobsite; in a construction trailer. This position is exposed to high temperatures; cool/cold temperatures; and loud noises.
    • Job site walking, climbing ladders, occasional lifting up to 50 pounds, as well as other onsite activities when required. 


To Apply for This Position:

Send your cover letter and resume to:

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