Project Superintendent

The Project Superintendent (PS) is accountable for properly organizing, coordinating, and managing all field activities throughout the project lifecycle to ensure proper construction execution – from initiation through closeout. The PS shall ensure that the Owner’s & Summit’s project field execution expectations; safety and quality performance, scope, schedule, and cost guidelines are met or exceeded by the subcontracted workforce. 

The PS provides field direction for subcontractors and oversight for the project throughout the execution and closeout phases with a specific focus towards the management of safety, quality, schedule, cost, and scope of work performance. In addition, the PS will provide management and monitoring of schedule progress against the schedule plan while mitigating risk to Summit and the Owner. 

The PS shall develop the execution and communication processes for tight collaboration with all project stakeholders and partners (internal & external) to ensure all field activities are well integrated and coordinated. 

The PS role is one of leader, coach, negotiator, and arbitrator. The expectations of this position are diverse and include responsibility for the following trade work: site work, site utilities, foundations, superstructure, equipment install, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, startup, and commissioning.


Team Leadership

  • Create an environment of trust and respect within the project team.
  • Establish and promote an atmosphere of collaboration and synergy.
  • Provide weekly & monthly reports to illustrate project performance vs. plan: safety, quality,
    cost, schedule, and risks.

Safety Management

  • Lead the collaborative effort between field management and the workforce by demonstrating
    the commitment to align Summit’s Injury and Incident Free expectations with the project’s
    specific construction tasks and activities.
  • Establishes their authority in leading the safe execution of the project, including the timely
    reporting and closure to every incident, injury, and near-miss event.

Quality Management

  • Provide leadership in the development and utilization of the Quality Management Program, by demonstrating that Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) is a specific commitment and attitude that is required during the planning and execution of the work.
  • Implement the use of the Site Observation Reporting (SOR) process to track and manage deficiencies, non-compliance, and corrective actions of the work.

Subcontractor Relationships

  • Establish a "firm but fair" approach to building relationships with subcontractors ensuring that Summit is the preferred Constructor for all subcontractors in the livestock industry.
  • Guide and support subcontractors as “contract partners” to drive mutual success by demonstrating our core values with a “win-win” approach.
  • Support effective change management to ensure both Summit and our subcontract partners are protected.
  • Create balance in knowing when to “push & pressure” and hold all parties accountable vs. “pause & protect” to ensure our mutual goals are attained.
  • Promote an environment of organization and professionalism with subcontractors.
  • Address issues immediately with a non-performing Subcontractor to protect Summit from resulting delay and potential impact.

Change Management

  • Support the PM through the change management process to ensure that the “baseline” scope/schedule/cost performance is respected.
  • Diligently manage the process to ensure that all changes are properly documented and resolved, including all cost, no-cost, and back charge events.
  • Inform Project Manager & Director of Field Operations of scope risks that might result in Change Orders.
  • Coordinate w/PM to recover all legitimate general conditions costs related to Owner Changes.

Schedule Management

  • Provide leadership to produce a clear, thorough, and accurate Baseline Schedule in which to measure progress against plan by publishing weekly schedule updates.
  • Track events, impacts, and changes in the schedule to allow for the management and prevention of delays.
  • Lead the project team to focus on critical path matters and sequencing plans to prevent non- excusable delays.
  • Take decisive action with subcontractors that are impacting the schedule.
  • Produce schedule updates and assist PM with writing monthly schedule narrative for Owner distribution.
  • Facilitate the 3-week look ahead schedule process.

Risk Management

  • Early identification, mitigation, and timely action for any discrepancies in safety, quality, scope, schedule, and cost performance.
  • Take immediate action when a non-performing Subcontractor is likely to cause an impact on the Project.

Owner Relationship

  • Work to establish a trusting and professional relationship with the Owner.
  • Focus on keeping the Owner well-informed of important matters to prevent surprises.

Cost Management & Cost Forecasting (Supports Project Manager)

  • Collaborate with the PM to meet the deliverables of the monthly financial calendar.
  • Review each Subcontractor’s monthly payment requisitions against the contract Schedule of Values / % Complete to prevent overpayment.
  • Produce an accurate percent complete projection to support timely Owner invoicing, monthly forecasting, and WIP reporting.

Procurement & Subcontract Management (Supports Project Manager)

  • Supports the PM in the procurement and subcontract process for the timely and cost-effective buyout of each discipline scope of work, to ensure a proper and well-understood transition to Summit’s vendor/subcontractor partners.
  • Establish a field management regimen to ensure there are “no surprises” between base subcontract and subcontract closeout.
  • Work with the PM to consistently produce thorough and accurate scopes of work and schedules.

Owner/Sub Invoicing Process (Supports Project Manager)

  • Supports the pay application process to ensure timely and accurate Owner payment, including fulfilling the role of “collections” on the smaller (non-corporate client) projects.
  • Supports the requirement to have all vendors/subcontractors to have the draft “pencil” pay applications submitted by the 20th of each month and ensure revision/approval prior to month-end.
  • Collaborate with the PM to ensure Owner payment is received within the contractual terms & conditions.

Meeting Management (Supports Project Manager)

  • Follow the prescribed meeting and communication plan to provide effective communication and problem-solving.
  • Manage all meetings by agenda, minutes, and work to the established time limits.
  • Weekly Subcontractor Coordination Meeting (PS chairs)
  • Weekly Subcontractor Contract Meeting (PS supports)
  • Daily Subcontractor Safety Meeting (Tool Box Talks)
  • PS ensure that Subcontractors are conducting
  • Role of coach & mentor to the Subcontract field leadership.

 Project Close-Out (Supports Project Manager)

  • Establish an effective Commissioning, Handover & Close-out Plan early in the project.
  • Implement the Work to Complete System and Project Closeout checklist to organize and manage the final completion of the work.
  • Implement the Site Observation Reporting process to ensure no surprises in the completion of subcontractor corrective actions. 

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