Summit has coordinated the Summit Capital Access Group, an independent team of financial experts and lenders who have the capital, the cattle industry knowledge and risk management resources required to serve the needs of today’s modern cattle-feeding, backgrounding, and cow-calf operations for the future years to come.

We do a deep dive into the financials. Really get a picture of where the farm is now financially, and what it's going to look like in the future when the building is done.

Rich Hines

Expert advice gives you a clear picture of costs

We recommend that all of our clients work with Russell Consulting Group [MS2], a leader in ag marketing and financial advice with a proven model of risk discovery, planning and management. This team is expert in helping livestock farmers develop smart financial strategies.

After working with your consultant, you’ll have greater clarity about your financial and operational fitness, and how to scale your plans to make the most of both. You’ll learn how to reduce your risk through market strategies and insurance. And you’ll also receive a financial pro-forma to take to your lender.

We’ve found this process to be so beneficial to our clients and the entire monoslope construction process that we offer a rebate for a portion of the cost of your engagement with Russell Consulting Group.

Who’s the right monoslope lender for your operation?

Finding the right lending institution is key to your investment strategy. To us, this means a lender who can meet your capital needs, knows the cattle industry, offers risk management resources and understands monoslope beef and cattle building costs and their ROI.

Thanks to our years of experience in monoslope facilities, we have excellent relationships with institutions that meet these criteria. As an added benefit, many of our lenders:

  • Waive loan application fees
  • Offer lower rates and better terms
  • Commit to timely review of loan applications and a fast, efficient process

Of course, if you have your own lender, we can work with you to facilitate that process as well. Summit Livestock Facilities is here to help you determine the cost of your monoslope beef barn or cow calf facility and chart the best path to success.

We Have a Building Solution for You

We provide high quality, proven options so you can choose what’s best for your business and overall investment.