Mary Auth

By: Mary Auth on August 22nd, 2018

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A Salute to Fair Exhibitors

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County fair season is wrapping up and State Fairs are under way across the country. For many livestock producer’s families, that has involved some level of 4-H, FFA or open show competitive events. Our customers’ families are proud contributors to these events and activities in their local communities. 

Their volunteerism, competitive spirit, and willingness to contribute make these events possible. The list of ripple effects these events have is extensive and extends beyond the fair or our industry, but throughout local communities, counties and to the consumers alike.

And in an era where consumers grow ever more distanced from the food they eat, this opportunity for agricultural producers to showcase the best of the best. It’s going on throughout your state right now – the patience and willingness of producers to represent their species, our agriculture industry to the general public.

From the genetics, to the peak fitness in health and grooming, to the ultimate in rates-of-gain, carcass quality, and yield, these producers help educate consumers about how well the animals are housed, cared for, and brought to the table.

At the same time, animal exhibition and competition offer a unique glimpse into the integrity of these producers. They are willing to bring their best forward for the scrutiny of their peers, to be reviewed and evaluated. They listen to the opinions and rankings of a judge to learn more for another day. That alone speaks volumes about the character of these livestock producers.

Summit Livestock Facilities salutes the Fair exhibitors and the work they do – to bring our story to life for consumers, and to keep up the great work year-round.


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