Mary Auth

By: Mary Auth on August 2nd, 2019

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African Swine Fever

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The African Swine Fever is not going away, and its spread continues to keep the dynamics of the industry hopping. Vietnam has culled nearly ten-percent of its pig herd in an effort to contain the disease. Larger industrial operations are now being hit by the disease that had mostly affected small farms previously. For the week ending June 21 more than 2.8 million pigs have been culled in Vietnam and with heavy rains in southern Vietnam, the virus is poised to spread even further.

Pork accounts for three-quarters of total meat consumption in Vietnam. Asian countries are not the only ones be impacted. Poland has now reported instances of the virus.

African Swine Fever underscores the value and the necessity of strengthening biosecurity measures in your operation. Feral pigs in the southern US, California and in the Prairie provinces of Canada can spread the disease.

The USDA is taking a proactive approach and has a good deal of information on incorporating biosecurity on your farm.

For more information on this disease, please visit the USDA's website.