Mary Auth

By: Mary Auth on February 3rd, 2021

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Cage-free Egg Predictions for 2021


In the January 2021 issue of WATT Global Media’s Egg Industry publication, their annual survey results were announced.Here are some highlights that will likely interest you. You can access the report here.

  • US egg producers predict 44.7% of hens in the US will be in cage-free environments by 2025.
  • To meet that percentage, 13 million hens per year would need to be converted to cage-free.
  • By 2030 US egg producers forecast 60% of hens will be in cage-free environments.
  • Most – nearly two-thirds – of egg producers think legislation will influence the drive to cage-free production.  
  • 27 % believe that consumers will demand cage-free eggs.
  • USDA estimates that at the end of 2020, nearly one-fourth of the US layer flock were in cage-free systems.

So how does all this fit your vision of cage-free egg production for the US? Are your operations in line with the national predictions?

Summit Engineering and construction is poised to help move the industry toward more cage-free egg systems. 

Not just buildings or housing – but systems with turn-key design and construction of processing, cold storage, and dry storage and all ancillary structures needed to assure safe and profitable egg production. 

Source of stats: January 2021 issue of Egg Industry.