What is at the Core of Summit Livestock Facilities?

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Some of you know Summit Livestock from their reputation for excellence. Some know Summit Livestock for their innovation in building design. Summit Livestock go beyond the traditional approach to buildings to provide innovative, game-changing solutions to protein producers.

At their core, they embody many of the same tenets that their customers hold most dear.

Summit Livestock CEO, Ed Bahler notes that Summit facilities goes beyond housing animals. The buildings contribute to improved animal health and production. They help mitigate challenges and reduce operational inefficiencies. They anticipate and resolve regulatory issues

Bahler, heads the business that like many ag businesses, is a family legacy with a strong commitment to helping feed the world. Bahler says those values run deep and are shared throughout their employees.

The company’s long and respected reputation in farm buildings is testament to their commitment to protein producers, helping them do what they do best and sustaining future generations.

Summit Livestock actively engages stakeholders in its dedicated commitment to build a better process. Setting up all systems, approaches, project managers, subcontractors, etc. to do it right, do it on-time, and do it with excellence.

At the end of the day, Bahler notes that Summit Livestock is a partner – a partner in producing protein in a more economical, more sustainable and more humane way.

And as Bahler says, “That’s something deeply purposeful to be about.”

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