Mary Auth

By: Mary Auth on April 10th, 2020

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Easter And Eggs Go Together

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There was a time in history when egg production did not require sophisticated and well-planned and executed poultry facilities - the kind you have come to expect from Summit Livestock Facilities. That history, and the history of the painted Easter egg, was a very long time ago. The custom of the Easter egg, according to many sources, can be traced to early Christians of Mesopotamia, and from there it spread into Eastern Europe and Siberia and later into Europe.

Painted Easter Eggs, Summit Livestock FacilitiesOther sources suggest the custom started in western Europe during the Middle Ages because Western Christians were prohibited from eating eggs during Lent, but were allowed to eat them when Easter arrived.

Regardless of what history you ascribe to, eggs – painted eggs specifically – are a large part of Easter tradition in today’s world. You can hunt them, you can roll them, you can play several games with them, or you can eat them.

And because we efficiently produce eggs in bulk in sanitary facilities, we can enjoy the eggs as an excellent source of protein. Even cage-free eggs are becoming more and more efficient to produce in specially designed facilities developed by Summit Livestock Facilities.

In today’s environment of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can count on having eggs on the table.

Summit Livestock Facilities wishes everyone a joyful and restful Easter Sunday.