Fire Up The Grill

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May is considered the official kick off to the outdoor grilling season for many Americans. Statistics provided by the United States Agriculture Department estimate that in 2019, the average American will consume 220.5 pounds of red meat and poultry, up roughly 2 pounds per person as compared to 2018, and 6 pounds per person higher than as recent as 2014.

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Our American passion for grilling no doubt contributes to the high (and growing numbers) of delectable deliciously prepared over the open flame. A recent survey by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, nearly 80 million Americans have grilled out in the past year. 75 percent of Americans own an outdoor grill or smoker. Some of us own (and operate) several varieties of gas, charcoal, and smokers!

99 percent of grill owners have used their grills within the past year. Gas grills are most popular with 69 percent, and charcoal grillers comprise 47 percent of grill ownership. 7 percent operate electric grills.

Memorial Day is the second most popular grilling day following the 4th of July. Father’s Day and Labor Day which are top grilling days as well.

May is Beef Month, and when it comes to grilling, beef still ranks number one. According to Fine Dining Lovers magazine’s list of the most popular food to prepare on the grill, hamburgers are #1 followed closely by steaks. Those are followed by hotdogs, pork and chicken.

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