Mary Auth

By: Mary Auth on January 23rd, 2019

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Permission or Forgiveness: What Would You Do?

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It really is better to ask permission now rather than ask forgiveness later - especially in Illinois and Indiana where you should not stake out a new livestock structure until you have the proper permits approved and in-hand.  FBi buildings_building permits_blogRegardless of what type of livestock facility you’re intending to build, having the correct documentation for regulations for your local, county, state, and/or national building requirements is essential.

Delays or errors can cost you dearly in time, lost production opportunity, and even in fines or legal costs where gross errors or overlooked necessities are neglected.

Where producers have chosen to do it the other way around – ask forgiveness rather than complying with rules and regulations - have found themselves with an investment that they cannot finish or utilize.

Essentially, every state in the Midwest has a permit process – whether it is for any of the following:

  • AFO
  • CAFO
  • Storm water
  • Nutrient management
  • Construction
  • Permit to install
  • Or a permit to operate 

Some states are more lax than others – some more strict – so it’s important to know your state’s permitting processes and requirements. 

Check out our permitting page to see what rules you would need to follow for your livestock facility.

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