Improve Your Results by Setting Goals Accountably


Resolutions...many people use the turn of the calendar and launch of the new year as a moment to pause and plan new goals for the year ahead. For protein producers, examples of goals may look like this:

  • Keep better records
  • Build a new barn
  • Improve integration of precision technology in my operation
  • Improve profitability

But acknowledging a goal is only a very small part of achieving it. Many human resources and coaching curricula recognize a goal setting approach called a SMART strategy. It helps people follow through on set goals by providing these accountability steps noted in the SMART acronym.

SMART Goals must be:SMART Goals

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Achieving goals becomes exponentially more plausible when these parameters are used. Perhaps your best goal in 2019 can start with better goal setting. 

Accountability in building is one of Summit Livestock’s strengths. With more than a half century of expertise in livestock buildings, our engineers and builders have fine-tuned the science and art of livestock construction. Each building is unique, and each process is addressed throughout the planning, pre-construction, construction and finishing phases of your building project.

Our sales professionals work directly with customers to understand your personal goals and your operational goals. Intimate understanding of local, state, and national permits, compliances, organizations, and agencies that influence your building helps assure your goals are met on time and in scope.

As you set goals for your operation’s buildings in 2019, consider reaching out to us to help you achieve smarter goals.

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