Mary Auth

By: Mary Auth on November 18th, 2020

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Keeping Thanksgiving Simple


Tiny is the new thing this year for Thanksgiving – considering that the CDC is recommending that holiday gatherings be kept to just immediate family. Below are a few suggestions on how to make Thanksgiving for a smaller crowd. If you decide to make a big meal and have elderly relatives who cannot join you because of COVID, think about putting together a Thanksgiving dinner “to go” and deliver it to their home. 

Ideas for a Smaller Thanksgiving Meal
  • Consider cooking turkey breasts or legs. If you want a small bird (10 pounds is about the smallest turkey you can buy and a lot of food for a smaller crowed), think about a chicken or Cornish hen.
  • Fewer side dishes. Pick two of your favorites and make those. 
  • Dessert. Many grocery stores offer slices of pies. Or if you want to make a whole pie, consider freezing part of it for later. 
  • Or keep it really simple and serve pre-made foods from your local gourmet market. This not only saves time, but you also won’t have a lot of leftovers to deal with or ingredients you might never use again. Another option is to order meals from a local caterer. Many caterers are offering this service as a way to stay in business. 
  • Or simpler yet. Take what you would do for Thanksgiving and deliver those items to a local food bank. COVID is leaving many more families this year without the income they had last year and is putting a strain on many food banks to keep up with the demand for meals.  

Remember the spirit of this holiday – to give thanks for the bounty on your table and in your lives.