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Agriculture and the job of providing protein to the world gets more complicated each day. And just like the weather you don’t often have control of those factors that affect your bottom line – like trade agreements or passing the Farm Bill (which at the time of this writing has not yet been finalized or signed). Straw BalesSo manage what you can manage. And use your talents, insights, and experience to control what you can – like your livestock herd.  You might not fully control the movements of your cattle, but you can provide (and manage) the environment they are living in – at least if you have a structure for them to eat, rest, and gain.

That is why it’s important to include a facility like a monoslope building to help control your cattle’s feed, dryness, wind chill, and bedding. 

Bedding plays a big role in keeping your cattle in comfort. Corn stalks on top of soybean straw will improve your stalks moisture holding capacity. Wheat straw can double thatWhatever material is used, it needs to be sufficient to help keep building moisture down. 

Another factor that influences building moisture is proper separation of buildings.

The distance between two buildings should be at least 1.5 times the length of the building.  Your Summit Livestock Beef Specialist will help you design the right configuration of building(s) for your land – giving you even more control over your operation’s profit potential.


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