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During the past year alone, Summit Livestock has been the subject of a great deal of buzz in the protein industry, and a lot of that excitement has centered on new innovations in cage-free egg production facilities. Wrap-the-Equipment™ is innovation. It is partnering. It is ideation to transformation and designing to engineering. It is good for the consumer, the producer, the birds and the environment.

Wrap-the-Equipment™ eliminates the need for a building. It converts the vertical legs that support the roosts into a building component that supports the roof structure. The structure is then wrapped in a covering instead of constructing a building. Because there’s no big superstructure to build first, the equipment goes in first, before it’s wrapped, cutting costs and saving time.

The Wrap-the-Equipment™ innovation and the industry’s shift in thinking – from do it yourself to partnering with players who have the technological capabilities to bring these innovations forward is just the beginning.

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