Diffusion of Innovations

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Is the demand for cage-free eggs disrupting technology?  Is it causing big producers to abandon technology they have been using for the last 40 years with caged hens? 

Is it a welcome industry change that fundamentally will alter the way egg industry relies on live animals to produce its protein product?  All of these are questions that are causing the innovators to think outside the hen house.

The “theory of diffusion of innovations” will rule the industry. Everett Rogers’ important social science iconic work, “The Diffusion of Innovations” is the theory that seeks to explain how, why and what rate new ideas and technology spread.

There will be those who are innovators – like Summit Livestock Facilities and their customers. The early adopters will follow along, but will they be early enough? 

2025 – the year that McDonalds has set to be using 100% cage-free eggs – is not that far away. The innovators will be the first to profit with the early adopters not far behind.

Egg producers in those groups aim to bring the market what it demands – eggs produced in a cage-free environment that is safe for the birds, the workers and the environment; cage-free eggs that reduce waste and optimize productivity; and healthy, cage-free eggs that are profitable for the producers while affordable for consumers.

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