Mary Auth

By: Mary Auth on April 11th, 2018

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Managing Manure as a Valuable Asset

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Cow-calf operations on pasture are missing out. They’re missing the harvest of a valuable fertilizer resource...manure. Even with a dry-lot operation, rain and exposure to the elements diminishes the value of manure. 

Manure managed right provides significant value as a nutrient resource. It’s one you’ve paid for, so why not manage it well? 

Summit Livestock Facilities monoslopes are designed and engineered to help producers optimize cow-calf production under-roof. Those with Summit monoslope bed pack barns typically realize approximately $50 nutrient value of manure per year for every animal space in a building.

Bed pack storage reduces odor and keeps manure drier and ready to scrape whenever needed or you have time. In addition, bed pack storage allows operators flexibility to house smaller feeder cattle alongside cow-calf herds if they wish. 

Ready access to a higher-quality manure makes sense – and is just another way your building helps your cows and calves work for you.


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