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Timing is everything and it’s one year closer to 2025. That’s the deadline that McDonalds set for sourcing 100% cage-free eggs. As if egg production wasn’t challenging enough, the complication of new designs to assure bird health, sustainable practices, and production efficiencies could easily slow how quickly egg producers can meet demand of companies like McDonalds. As 2025 nears and buyers continue to demand cage-free eggs, commercial egg producers will really have no choice but to innovate to meet the demand.

Summit Livestock Facilities met the challenge head on with innovative new building designs that readily will make it possible for commercial egg producers to deliver the number of eggs big customers like Wendy’s, Subway, and Nestle are demanding in a manner that is better for the birds and workers, the environment, and for producers.

Wrap-the-Equipment™ is a patent-pending design and construction process that eliminates the need for a building structure. With more innovation within and throughout the structure, it allows a new cage-free facility to be built in as few as 180 days.

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