What Does Summit Livestock Facilities Have to do with Biosecurity?

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Keeping your birds safe and away from infectious diseases means a vigilant and ongoing commitment to biosecurity. Summit Livestock Facilities looks at the facts along with the challenges producers face in implementing effective biosecurity measures. Looking at these factors together, we help our customers develop specific innovations and unique solutions to help you meet your business and operational goals. It’s about the health of your hens and the health of your investment.

Including facility design in your biosecurity plan can be just as vital as the measures you take in labor management, transportation, operational efficiency, equipment handling, and pest control.

Consider the Summit Livestock Facilities’ Wrap-the-Equipment™ design incorporated into layer houses recently completed for Rose Acre Farms. Some of the most important biosecurity tools are built right into the structure itself. In this example, the cage-free layer houses were designed to eliminate the need for a full building. Instead, the cage-free roosts are reinforced to become the super-structure for these layer houses.

By wrapping the equipment with insulated non-porous panels, surfaces are easier to sanitize, decreasing waiting time before populating the building. The metal panels used to wrap the facility are airtight and flush, reducing pest problems and eliminating external perches for wild birds that can put your flock at risk.

Summit Livestock likes to think, design and build the big ideas that help protein producers provide healthy products, humanely produced within a sustainable environment. Planning biosecurity into the building is just one way we can help make that happen.

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