Which Way the Wind Blows

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Which way the wind blows does matter to cattle producers. Getting cattle out of mud, rain, snow many times influences profitability. And wind is just one of those important factors to consider when choosing a monoslope building for your operation.

monoslope beef barns Wind, moisture and muddy conditions increase cattle maintenance requirements according to University of Michigan’s Dr. Stephen Rust, beef cattle nutritionist. He says while cattle regulate intake and metabolism to adjust to changing climatic conditions, shifts and extremes in environmental conditions result in stressed animals and lowered weight gain.

With some good old fashioned common sense and design and engineering ingenuity, Summit Livestock Facilities’ monoslope  structures help counter those negatives while enhancing the positives to create the best indoor/outdoor facility for finishing cattle and cow/calf operations. Working directly with you, we help you find the optimal position for your structure so it works in harmony with your operation and the land.

Other factors that contribute to a monoslope’s efficacy include our assessment of the predominant wind direction and the angle of the sun, what time of year a curtain may be necessary for additional protection from the elements, etc.

monoslope beef barns Monoslopes help you work with the environment in which cattle are grown. By facing the building’s high opening to the south, preferably on a topographic rise, you’ll have a barn that reduces the impact of weather on the cattle feeding process.
The monoslope and its position function together to help optimize the sun in the winter while lessening the impact of the north winds, and in summer, reverse those factors – capturing summer breezes while diminishing direct sun exposure. All the while, the monoslope is working for your operation while increasing comfort, health and performance.

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