Removing automatic clusters earlier brings positive results for producers and cows

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New research from the Northern New York Agricultural Development Program shows some surprising results. By reducing 27 seconds of milking time, the farms in the research test were able to gain of 15.8 minutes per milking shift. An additional 15 minutes is significant in the parlor as it allows producers to complete another turn of cows at each shift with no additional labor required, no other labor costs, and no detrimental effects on milk production.

In fact, the study showed cows showed favorable responses to removing clusters those few seconds earlier. The adjustments made in the automatic cluster release can help ease the potential for over-milking and the subsequent impact that could have on teat tissue condition. As cows are more comfortable, there is reduced risk of mastitis. These factors combine to enhance animal well-being.

The study is entitled “Assessing Automatic Cluster Remover Settings on Milking Unit-Time, Total Milk Yield, and Teat Condition in NNY Dairy Herds.” 

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