Mary Auth

By: Mary Auth on January 9th, 2019

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Timing is Everything

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Timing is everything. That is what “they” say. We are not sure who “they” are, but time and time again it has proven to be true.  As you plan for 2019, it's important to take into consideration the timing of when to start that new cow-calf building. Alternatively, what about that new finishing facility that you know you want to be built this year?

Have you considered the other factors that will play a role in when your new building will be complete?

  • When will the ground be thawed enough to pour concrete?
  • How much time do you have to allow for the permitting process?
  • Are some permits dependent on others being approved first?
  • What is the calving cycle of your herd?

It is the season to look ahead and determine whether you will need a tax deduction for your 2019 taxes. So the timing of building your new facility may need to be early enough in the year to take the building as a tax deduction. The IRS generally only considers the year that a facility goes into service as the year for the deduction.


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