Warmer Water, Warmer Livestock

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There’s nothing like a cup of cocoa, tea, or coffee when you come in from outside on one of these chilly December days. That fresh cup helps warm us up and restores us almost magically! That’s because it helps raise our body temperature, restoring warmth that the cold weather took away.

Beef cattle are well suited to outdoor life. When under a Summit Livestock monoslope, they gain the advantages of air movement and still have greater protection from the elements. In severe cold, cattle naturally forage to help keep warm. The increase in the dry matter of the hay provided helps keep cattle warmer. That’s because more heat is produced from the digestion of hay than that of grains and concentrates.

Research conducted by D.L. Brod, K.K. Bolsten and B.E. Brent of the University of Missouri compared different temperatures of water consumed by cattle in the winter and then evaluated how the water temperature influenced consumption and body temperature.

Each day, a dry cow consumes roughly 6 gallons of water. When a beef animal whose average temperature is 101.5°F consumes 6 gallons of water at 32°F, it means they are using a great deal of energy to warm that water up to their body temperature.

The U of M researchers conducted two trials demonstrating that cold water dropped the temperature of the rumen. Research results showed that offering warmer water increased intake and reduced their energy needs, factors that combined reduce overall stress and improve health.

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