Mary Auth

By: Mary Auth on October 7th, 2020

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October 9th is World Egg Day

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There's a day for everything, and just around the corner is World Egg Day on October 9. World Egg Day is celebrated worldwide and helps raise awareness of the benefits of eggs and their importance in human nutrition. Eggs are one of nature's highest quality of protein and are important for developing the brain and muscles and play a key role in disease prevention. Eggs' ability to contribute to general well-being makes them even more important during 2020 – the year of the COVID-19 pandemic. We all need a boost to our well-being these days.

Eggs are considered a low environmental impact protein source due to new efficiencies and on-farm commitments and supply chains. They require very little water use, and the egg's overall footprint has significantly reduced over the last 50 years.

Then add those efficiencies with those you achieve from Summit's egg production buildings, which are precisely engineered and built to meet the growing demands for cage-free eggs.

Take your interest in eggs to another level: October is National Dessert Month. Why not offer a dessert to friends during the month, using recipes that feature the egg. There are so many to choose from, so take a swipe at the internet. Some good choices include baked Egg Custard and crème brulee, plus meringues.